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Vision 2020 Opticians are your stop for outstanding choice and great value for fashion-conscious clients. We live in very style conscious times, and the image you portray can be very important in how other people see you. Beyond their ability to enhance your appearance, your glasses must also be designed to be accurate, comfortable and value for money.

Spectacle frames types and designs

Types And Designs

Modern frame design places the emphasis on comfort and style. Lightweight alloys are used for maximum comfort, with titanium being an increasingly popular choice. Titanium is a premium frame material, a metal which is extremely light, flexible and strong with the added benefit of being Nickel allergy-free and non-corrosive. Stainless steel is made from a very strong metal alloy. These frames can be made very thin and still maintain their strength and flexibility. Like Titanium, it contains no nickel, therefore it is virtually hypo-allergenic and resistant to corrosion. Spring hinges are available on many modern frames, helping to make them more durable.

They reduce the need for frequent adjustments because they spring back into place, which helps maintain proper alignment. The silicone Nose Pads are very comfortable, and when combined with spring coils, they reduce slippage and create a customized fit to the bridge of your nose.

The rising popularity of rimless and semi rimless designs, render the frame almost invisible. This look is extremely popular and has the added advantage of being exceptionally light. Advances in metals and plastics mean you can get high fashion frames that are extremely light yet strong enough to maintain their style and shape. We carry many rimless frame ranges, including for example:​


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Spectacle Frames

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