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Eye-sight is a critical part of our day to day life. In whichever state of a lockdown, during the times of COVID-19 – our sight is one of the more important aspects of our routine life. Whether working from home, watching Netflix or AmazonPrime shows or even catching up on the latest news online, we experience the day to day events Eye-sight is a critical part of our day to day life.

Eye Care Emergency?

Amidst the new normal’s way of working, there could be times when you run out of your contact lenses or damage your spectacles, lest your dog even eat up your back up spectacle frame. If is important for you to resolve this emergency while keeping social distancing in mind. We recommend placing your order remotely, as Vision 2020 can deliver contact lenses in Mumbai across the city. And incase you still need to visit an Optician near you, we recommend you take an appointment with the Optometrist and request for safety protocols to be followed in the optical premises.

Patient Care In Eye Care Centers

We, at Vision 2020, A Complete Eye Care centre, have worked on procedures to maximize safety for both the patients and the team here in our clinic.

Infrared Temperature Sensors (Thermopiles) 

Thermopiles are designed to measure temperature from a distance by detecting an individual’s infrared (IR) energy basis their body temperature. The average body temperature of a healthy person is between 95 to 98 degrees Farenheit. And hence it is an important test to check incase a patient is symptomatic for nCOVID-19

Sanitize Hands Frequently

Once a patient’s body is tested for its temperature and within the normal body temperate range, the patient is given medical grade hand sanitizer to sterilize their hands for any object/ surface they may touch.

Face Mask (3-Ply/N-95)

No patient is allowed into the store without the relevant medical grade face mask, to prevent infection to any individual in the store. This is not only for the safety of any other patient entering the center but also the health care workers and staff on the premises

Social Distancing & Appointments

Every patient is given a prior appointment in 15-30 minutes gap, basis the seriousness of the emergency, in order to make sure social distancing is maintained. And incase of any walk in patients, a 1.5-2m gap is maintained with the other patients in order to comply with the suggested WHO norms

Staff & Health Care In Eye Care Centers

Precautionary Wear

In order to safeguard both the patients and the team here at Vision 2020 – it is mandatory for every patient facing individual to have a Face Shield and Face Mask worn at all time. Further, Gloves are worn by individuals who cater to/ repair spectacle frames.

Hand Sanitization after Every Patient

The team sanitizes their hands after catering to every patient. This is done in order to prevent infecting themselves as well as the next patient

Limited Spectacle Frames to Try on

While patients can view all the frames in display, they can try on a maximum of 5 to 10 spectacle frames. These frames are then quarantined for sterilization in order to prevent any cross contamination cases.

Disinfecting store including counters and all other patient touchpoints

The Center is disinfected twice a day. This is order to prevent any asymptomatic/ carrier patients from carrying coronavirus and the same settling onto any touchpoints.


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