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Post treatment care

The following are important aspect to take care of post Lasik Eye surgery for optimal recovery of your eye’s health:

  • Wear protective glasses for 24 hours (including while sleeping at night)
  • No splashing of water in the eyes for 7 days.
  • No head bath (with shampoo) or a face wash for 4 to 5 days.
  • No touching / rubbing the eyes for 15 days.
  • No swimming / steam / sauna / contact sports for a month.
  • No driving for 8 days (especially night driving).
  • Avoid any kind of eye make-up and mascara for a month.
  • Follow normal dietary habits and lifestyle – do wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from direct sun ray and dust.
  • You can watch the television and mobile phone screen and can work on the computer.
  • Can resume walks and start light exercise after 2 days

About Lasik

LASIK: Short for laser in-situ keratomileusis, this laser eye surgery is used to correct vision in people who are near sighted, farsighted, and/or have astigmatism.

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