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What is Refractive Surgery?

Refractive surgery describes a group of procedures where surgery is used to correct the focus of vision rather than spectacles or contact lenses.

The number for reading glasses/near vision (presbyopia) is treated LASIK?

Correction of this type of spectacle number is being worked out in various research centers but as of today presbyopia cannot be corrected by laser procedure. All patients who have been operated for refractive surgery will get presbyopic glasses due to normal aging processes around the age of 40 yrs. However presbyopia can be taken care by using the concepts of monovision where one is corrected for distance vision and other for near vision.

Will I ever need glasses?

The goal of LASIK is to correct the refractive error and improve the vision. If a small degree of refractive error persists after the procedure. A re-treatment (enhancement procedure) can be done in selected cases.The goal of LASIK is to correct the refractive error and improve the vision. If a small degree of refractive error persists after the procedure. A re-treatment (enhancement procedure) can be done in selected cases.

Will my refractive error revert to the original over a period of time?

The chances of regression are almost nil by this procedure but if it occurs it can be re-treated in selected cases.

Are both eyes done at the same time?

Generally both eyes are treated at the same time but in very anxious/nervous patients one eye is done at a time.

What is the duration of the procedure?

It takes around 10 minutes per eye and you can go home within 1-1 ½ hour.

When can I go back to work?

You can go back to work within 24-48 hours.

How safe is the procedure?

It is a reasonably safe procedure. If at all problems occur they will be minor and not visually significant.

How old do I have to be to qualify for laser vision correction?

You need to be 18 years of age or more , and your glasses or contact lens prescription should not have changed in the last 1 year.

How successful is laser vision correction at vision 2020 laser surgery centre?

Our goal and commitment is to get you to a level of 6/6 (20/20) or better, enough to function without glasses, to watch TV, play sports and take up occupations where good vision is a must. In fact after treatment, almost 100% of the people can drive without glasses. At the time of your consultation, our medical team will personally discuss with you what can be achieved.

Will the procedure hurt?

There is no pain during any of the Laser vision procedures since anesthetic eye drops numb your eyes.

Can I wear colored contact lenses?

Yes, you can.

What are the diagnostic tests done before one can undergo LASIK procedure?

Besides routine eye examination two preoperative tests viz. Topography Test & Pachymetry Test need to be performed. Topography Test is done to map the refractive power of the Cornea and to rule out certain corneal conditions like conical Cornea, etc. The Pachymetry Test is done to measure the thickness of the Cornea.

If I choose to have mono-vision, does that mean I’ll never need reading Glasses?

The benefit to having mono-vision is that there won’t be a complete dependence on Glasses for close vision. Many who have mono-vision are able to see well enough both at distance and near to do things at any age without corrective lenses.

What keeps the flap in position?

Following your procedure, the flap stays in position without the need for stitches. Initially, there is a vacuum effect created by the cells lining the inner surface of the Cornea. As the eye heals over the first few days, the epithelium (the outer surface of the Cornea) seals the edges of the flap.

How long will the results of the surgery last?

Laser vision correction is considered to be permanent. If you’re over 40 years of age, you may want to consider monovision

What if I move my eye during the laser treatment?

While the treatment is performed, you will be asked to look at a light under the laser. You are required to look steadily at the light throughout the operation, since this keeps the eye cantered under the laser. However, if you temporarily look away or lose the ability to look at the fixation light, do not be concerned. The Wave Light Allegretto Laser is equipped with a special eye tracker that tracks the eye at 400 times a second throughout the procedure.

Do I have to go without my contacts before having laser vision correction

If you are wearing hard or gas permeable contacts, it’s important that you remove them at least three weeks prior to your treatment. Soft lenses should be out for at least one week before your treatment. Soft toric lenses may need to be out longer. Your Doctor will advise you how long you need to be out of your contacts prior to your surgery.

Does LASIK cause dry eye?

Following a LASIK procedure, every patient has temporary dry eye, which can be treated most often with artificial tears. This dry eye sensation usually clears up in one to three weeks.Patients with pre-existing dry eye should discuss it with the Doctor at the pre-op examination. A thorough evaluation of your current medications, medical history and work environment should all be taken into account.

What will my recovery be like?

All LASIK patients usually see quite well the day following their procedure and are able to resume most of their normal daily activities. Patients with higher prescriptions may recover slightly slowly.

Can I have laser vision correction while I am pregnant or trying to conceive?


Does insurance cover this procedure?

No, insurance does not cover this procedure as it is considered primarily cosmetic.

Can I drive home after the surgery?

We recommend you should not drive immediately after the surgery. For the first couple of hours your eyes will be sensitive to light and the vision blurred, so you should wear the special dark Glasses to protect your eyes.

I have a “lazy” eye; can I still have LASIK to correct myopia?

Many patients with lazy eye have enjoyed their results following LASIK because they no longer need Glasses or Contact Lenses to achieve their best acuity.

My child has Keratoconus and I would like to know if he is a candidate for laser eye surgery.

Laser vision correction is not suggested for patients with Keratoconus. However, it is important to treat this condition to prevent it from progressing. Our very sensitive topolyzer grades the Keratoconus and gives us the right treatment plan and rigid contact lens fit.


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