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optical PRODUCTS


Most of the lenses that are used are not only optically true, they block 100% of all harmful UV and Blue Light. They are available in either polycarbonate or C.R.39 (Colombian Resin 39) materials only. A wide variety of lens tints gives the wearer the ability to choose the light transmission that best suits them without compromising colour rendition or composition.


Eye protection from the sun is very important in the prevention of cumulative long-term eye damage. Sunglasses actually perform an invaluable function all year round. It is critical that eye protection be successful in blocking out 100% of all UV-A and UV-B light, without distortion, to prevent permanent Retina problems and Cataracts. All sunglasses at Vision 2020 pass the safety and durability test before they reach the wearer. The highest quality materials are used to ensure the wearer perfect optical comfort with an impenetrable shield for harmful UV Radiation and the reduction of glare.