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We specialize in light, thin and aspheric lenses and progressive eye lenses.

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​When sunrays hit a smooth reflective surface they travel either horizontally or vertically. Vertical light brings useful information to the eye, enabling us to see colours and contrasts, whereas horizontal light creates harsh white 'glare'. This glare is most harmful when reflected off a smooth or mirrored surface such as vehicles, pavements or water. A thin film with vertical rows of iodine crystals is embedded into the lens surface this acts as a Venetian blind only allowing the useful rays through to your eyes. This is how a polarized lens works which can also be made as per your prescription.


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​Eye protection from the sun is very important in the prevention of cumulative long-term eye damage. It is essential that the sunglasses block out 100% of all UV-A and UV-B light, without distortion. Besides just sun protection they have other benefits like :

*    Protection of the delicate skin around eyes from premature wrinkling. *    To prevent permanent Retina problems and Cataracts. *    Filters harmful HEV (High Energy Visible) light waves. *    Unrivalled glare reduction.

Your prescription eye lenses can be made very thin and light, can be combined with a hard silicon coating for minimum scratches. You can also choose practically any colour from the colour palate or also opt for the basic hues.

Prescription dark lenses with mirror finish reflects the latest in fashion and function.

Prescription lenses with highly fashionable mirror effects for better U.V. protection on regular as well as clear lenses. Can be again combined with a tough hard coat to eliminate abrasions on lens and for a longer lens life.

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Lens coatings

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Thinner and lighter lenses    

​Some people's lenses look thicker due to their power. There are many eye lenses which are now available in High-index materials than ordinary plastic or glass. This improves the appearance of higher powered lenses by reducing the profile of your glasses. In addition, aspheric surfaces are used which result in a thinner, flatter lens offering excellent visual acuity, even in peripheral vision. In our workshop, we calculate the smallest lens form for your desired frame, resulting in the thinnest, and lightest lens possible. Polycarbonate lenses are one of the lightest lenses that are available today which make the lenses not only weightless but also thin and impact resistant (bullet proof). Lighter lenses are more comfortable reducing pressure points on your ears and nose.

Light sensitive or Transitions

​These are lenses which go from clear indoors to comfortably dark outdoors. They are light-sensitive lenses that react to UV light so quickly one can wear them anywhere from a sunny beach to working in the office or reading a book. In short, they are light when they need to be, at night or indoors, but darken when they need to be in the sun. Transitions are scratch resistant and block 100% of the sun's harmful UVA/UVB rays. They are available in gray and brown.

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​Anti-reflection coatings allow more light to pass through the lens enabling your vision to be clearer. Equally important, people can see your eyes more clearly as there are no distracting reflections in the field of your vision. They eliminate headlight glare when driving at night, reduce glare while working in front of computer screens, and are particularly effective on high-powered lenses. The anti-reflection coating can be combined with a 'scratch resistant coating' or 'hard coating' for optimum lens performance and durability. Hard coats protect the lens from minor abrasions, keeping the lens clearer for longer.

Prescription dark lenses (Powered Sunglasses)    
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Varifocals lenses    
In lay-man term it is nothing but "bifocals without the line", varifocals or progressives offer complete vision at all distances including intermediate distance for computer work. As they have no visible dividing lines, they are cosmetically better than bifocals. Our 30 day replacement guarantee offers you to try our lenses for a month, if not satisfied will be replaced with a pair of d-bifocal with no questions asked.

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Bifocal lenses
After the age of 40 there comes a time when you need glasses to improve both near and distance vision. One option is to make two pairs of spectacles and continuously swap between the two according to your requirement, but this can be both inconvenient and frustrating. Bifocal eye lenses are two lenses fused together with a line in-between, enabling the wearer to see clearly at close-up and distance, but not in between.

optical PRODUCTS

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Single vision lens    
Single vision lenses offer a single focal power and correct either near or distance vision as eye lenses. Single vision lenses are worn for reading if you are long sighted or presbyopic and for distance if you are short sighted. They can be made available with many other added features like scratch resistant and anti-reflective.


Vision 2020 Opticians is your stop for outstanding choice and great value for fashion-conscious clients. We live in very style conscious times, and the image you portray can be very important in how other people see you. Beyond their ability to enhance your appearance, your glasses must also be designed to be accurate, comfortable and value for money.

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