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Vision 2020 laser surgery centre also have cataract surgery clinic in Bandra. Cataract surgery removes the natural cloudy lens and replaces with artificial lens. Cataracts can form at any age,but most often develop as people get older. As the cataract develops its centre becomes opaque, thereby diminishing vision. The only effective treatment for cataract is a small operation to remove the cloudy lens. The lens is usually replaced by a plastic implant which helps the eye focus properly.

While looking in the mirror, do you wonder about your getting rid of your spectacles or contact lenses? When you get up every morning from sleep, do you have to first reach for your spectacles to see the time?Wearing spectacles to have a clear vision, has become like a burden to almost everyone. Some people want to look younger, so they prefer contact lenses over spectacles. However, Contact lenses have become difficult to manage.


So if you wish to have laser eye treatment in India then Vision 2020 will help you with it. Visit now and get your eyes to be free from glasses.

Vision 2020 brings to you Lasik surgery in Mumbai. Lasik surgery will treat your eyes and will let you live a spectacle -free life by an easy laser surgery (LASIK). The laser uses a very small laser beam that shapes the eye’s surface like a delicate brush. The smooth shape of the beam creates an even surface across the entire eye, providing precise results.The WOW factor after Lasik is immediate. All patients say "WOW- I can see clearly already."

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