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Your number should not have changed over the past 1 year.

You should be above 18 years of age.

​There should be no hormonal level fluctuations in cases of diabetes, pregnancy, etc.
Eye Test in bandra for lasik
Slit lamp examination of eye is done by the Ophthalmologist to check for eye-lids, conjunctiva cornea, anterior segment and retina. ​Eye-pressure and tear evaluation is also done.

To determine the type of LASIK most appropriate for the patient, the following investigations are done:

Allegretto Wave Front Optimised 400Hz Laser

The Allegretto wave front optimised 400 Hz has a number of unique technological features that account for its increased safety, precision and outstanding clinical results:

•    The Allegretto's operating speed is 400 Hz – at least four times faster than traditional laser machines.

•    Its exceptionally rapid laser pulse means the procedure is completed in the shortest possible time without causing thermal damage. This enhances patient comfort and minimises dehydration of the cornea, thus creating more consistency and predictability.

•    The Allegretto wave front uses a 0.95mm diameter true Gaussian beam spot that produces the smoothest possible surface after laser treatment.

•    The Allegretto wave front laser continually monitors the energy output with every pulse during surgery for consistency. The Laser energy is standardised at the start of the day and checked before each treatment.

•    The Allegretto has a 400 Hz eye tracker with a 6mS latency, it uses predictive tracking thereby maintaining better accuracy during surgery, even with eye movement.

•    The optical pathway is nitrogen purged to prevent ozone formation (which blocks the laser beam). Also having only 3 mirrors means a more consistent laser delivery.

•    The Allegretto wave front optimised 400 Hz has been designed as a fully integrated diagnostic and surgical concept in order to provide physician and patient the highest level of safety and reliability in refractive surgery.

Glasses, contact lenses and conventional laser refractive surgery correct so-called 'lower order optical aberrations': defocus (myopia and hyperopia) and astigmatism. An optical system such as the eye may have various higher order aberrations (spherical, coma, trefoil etc.) that degrade the quality of the optical image and are not corrected by glasses and contact lenses. Eye-Q Wavelight's Abberometer measures the total optical system - both lower and higher order aberrations. If significant aberrations are present this information is calculated into the laser ablation profile for a clearer and better quality image with individual customised treatment. Standard ablation profiles used by the Allegretto wave front have been calculated to minimise the amount of corneal tissue removed, and are optimised for spherical aberration. Standard Eye-Q Wavelight treatments offer improved quality and safety.

Eye-Q Wavelight's Abberometer (A-Cat) measures higher order aberrations by taking multiple measurements from different positions on the central retina through a dilated pupil. Patients having significant higher order aberrations will have this treatment using the Eye-Q Lasik platform at no extra cost. Eye-Q Wave light’s excimer laser is the only one of its kind designed specifically for wave front guided LASIK. It is not an 'add on'. The laser procedure is carried out as a single treatment with no stopping and starting, which carries the risk of corneal drying or changing centration.

Eye-Q Wavelight is was the first and continues to be one of the few systems offering topography-guided LASIK (T-Cat). Images are taken of the cornea showing the highs, lows and irregularities of shape. The Eye-Q Wavelight Laser then reshapes the cornea back to a normal curvature and corrects refractive errors at the same time. The result is a platform that delivers outstanding clinical performance.

Allegretto LASIK Procedure machine

Allegretto Wave 400:

ALLEGRETTO WAVE FRONT OPTIMISED 400Hz BLUE LINE offers the physician the opportunity of choosing the very best treatment for the patient available today.

2. Pachymetry-

To measure the thickness of the cornea.

1. Corneal topography-

To evaluate the shape of the corneal surface.


LASIK: Short for laser in-situ keratomileusis, this laser eye surgery is used to correct vision in people who are near sighted, farsighted, and/or have astigmatism.